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Balloons Stylist LLC


about me.

Balloons ALWAYS make me smile! :-) 

There is something about balloons that fill us all with joy. I don't know if it is because we are automatically brought back to our childhood memories in that part of our brains where we store all of the good times and "Happy Birthdays". Today I still absolutely LOVE to receive balloons for pretty much any occasion. My husband David, knows this and he buys me balloons for EVERY occasion. 

Now that we have our miracle princess, he buys her balloons too and she loves them! If she sees them on TV or in person, her reaction is always the same; "Mommy, mommy, LOOK Balloons!" and a BIG smile.

I seek to bring happiness to any and all events with our balloons decor. 

Let's Make It Happen! 


Your Balloons Stylist - Anyeli Mateo

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