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THANK YOU for your interest in our "Balloon Styling" services. We provide our installation and delivery service for any and all events, but we also offer the option for you to purchase our garlands and centerpieces for Pick Up.


Our custom balloon styling items/services can only be purchased on a custom quote basis.

Always EXCITED! to create a unique and impactful set up just for YOUR event/party! My work will always be custom, I don’t replicate another artist’s work. Feel free to provide as much detail as possible of what you would like. You can share pictures you have been inspired by, but I won't copy the display shared. 

Corporate? Yes we do corporate set ups and have the necessary insurance for any event.

(My Background: B.A. Graduate with a corporate background of 18+ Yrs. Branding/Marketing is my specialty.)

 *All inquiries are answered within 48hours. If you need an urgent response - please send me a text letting me know you submitted a request form online and need a quote ASAP to 347-749-8014. I will do my very best to accommodate your request for an expedited quote.

For all custom orders I require a minimum of 2 weeks notice, depending on the complexity and/or size of your order; as well as my availability. If you need anything sooner, I can try to accommodate your request but it will largely depend on the requested theme/design and my inventory, as well as my wholesalers' inventory. 

Thank you in advance for supporting my business! You are already greatly appreciated!

Let’s make it happen!

*To receive a custom quote, please fill out the form below.

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